Association for Public Art

Philadelphia, PA

The Association for Public Art (aPA) commissions, preserves, promotes, and interprets public art in Philadelphia. Since its founding in 1872, aPA has worked with artists, communities, and civic leaders to make encounters with art a part of everyday life. As the nation’s first private nonprofit organization dedicated to integrating public art and urban planning, aPA’s work is characterized by artistic excellence, creative initiative, collaboration, and civic engagement. Working closely with city agencies, aPA remains today a central resource and contributor to Philadelphia’s enduring reputation as an important place to view and experience public art.

Bow Bridge was engaged by the aPA to promote a major announcement to both local and regional as well as national and international media and position the aPA as a dynamic organization fulfilling an important mission.

Top Photograph: Symbiosis (2011, installed 2014) by Roxy Paine. Photograph: James Ewing Photography © 2014, courtesy Association for Public Art Inset Photograph: SYMBIOSIS (2011, INSTALLED 2014) BY ROXY PAINE. PHOTOGRAPH: JAMES EWING PHOTOGRAPHY © 2014, COURTESY ASSOCIATION FOR PUBLIC ART