Austrian Cultural Forum New York

New York, NY

Located in midtown Manhattan, the Austrian Cultural Forum New York (ACFNY) is dedicated to innovative programming showcasing the best of contemporary Austrian art, music, literature, performance, and scholarship in New York and throughout the U.S. In addition to presenting three group exhibitions per year in its multi-level gallery space and housing around 13,000 volumes of Austriaca in its library, ACFNY hosts over 100 free events per year in its auditorium and supports many projects at partner institutions across the nation.

Bow Bridge was engaged to provide strategic communications services and counsel for the promotion of the exhibition and publication Three with a Pen: Lily Renée, Bil Spira, and Paul Peter Porges in 2021. The exhibition was organized by the Jewish Museum in Vienna.

Austrian Cultural Forum

Top Photograph: ACFNY building exterior Inset Photograph: Lily Renée, Señorita Rio comic strip, in: Fight Comics no. 35, December 1944