Artists’ Legacy Foundation

Oakland, CA

The Artists’ Legacy Foundation stewards the work of Legacy Artists and facilitates their posthumous philanthropy; recognizes exceptional painters and sculptors through awards and grants; and serves as an educational resource. The Artist Award recognizes outstanding visual artists whose primary medium is painting or sculpture. Each year, ten finalists are nominated by a group of anonymous arts professionals and reviewed by a three-member jury of peers.

Bow Bridge has been engaged since 2021 to promote the Artist Award, (Nancy Rubins in 2021 and Juan Sánchez in 2022), to raise awareness of the Foundation nationally and internationally.

Top Photograph: Nancy Rubins, MoMA & Airplane Parts at Forte Belvedere, Florence, Italy, 2003. Airplane parts, steel, black tie-wire cable, 27 x 42 x 25 ft. Forte Belvedere, Florence, Italy. Inset Photograph: Juan Sánchez, Strange and Bitter American History, 2005. Oil, mixed media collage on wood panel, 74 x 72 inches. Collection of the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture.